What time does the Keep Austin Weird Festival start?

The Festival will begin at 4 p.m. on Saturday, June 24th

What is allowed into the Keep Austin Weird Festival (KAW) ?

Strollers, chairs, umbrellas (not large patio versions), bottled water, blankets and small tarps are all permitted.

What is not allowed to be brought into KAW?

Pets, coolers, alcohol, weapons, glass, no outside food or beverage (other than water).

What time does the festival end?

9 p.m.

Am I allowed to bring alcohol out of the festival?

No. All alcoholic beverages purchased at KAW must be finished or thrown away inside the KAW premises before exiting.

Will KAW merchandise be sold at the festival?

Yes. Shirts, hats, koozies, and other cool KAW merchandise will be available for purchase on the day of the festival.

What forms of payment will be accepted at the festival and for merchandise transactions?

Cash and all forms of credit card - VISA, Mastercard and American Express - will be accepted.

Will there be a lost and found at the festival?

Yes, items will be located at the front gates. Please ask gate keepers for assistance.

Will the event be handicap accessible?


Where is parking?

Parking will be available at Palmer Events Center or One Texas Center. We also encourage you to use Rideshare App.

Where are the bathrooms?

The bathrooms will be visible all along the festival grounds.

Where will the EMS be?

EMS will be near the entrance gates.

Where can you sign up for the costume contest?

People can sign up for the costume contest at the merchandise table throughout the day.


What time does the 5K start?

The 5K starts at 6 p.m. Staging will begin at 5:45p.m.

What is included in the 5K registration fee for adults?

Each adult’s 5K registration fee includes entry into the 5K and festival, runner bib and packet.

Do I have to register my child who's under the age of 12 for the 5K?

Yes, this registration fee includes participation in the 5K and festival, runner bib and packet.

Where can I pick up my runner packet?

Friday, June 24th from 11 am to 6 pm - Rogue Running - (click here for directions)

Saturday, June 25th from 4 pm to 6 pm - 605 West Riverside Drive (corner of 1st St and Riverside Drive) - (click here for directions)

Are strollers allowed in the 5K?

Yes, but we ask that you start in the back of the pack to leave room for competitive runners.

Are dogs allowed in the 5K?

Yes, but only family-friendly and non-aggressive dogs kept on a leash. We ask that you start in the back of the pack to leave room for competitive runners. Please bring materials to pick up after your dog.

Is there a chip-timing for this race?

There will be no official chip timing available. Please bring your own timing device.

Can I walk the 5K course?


Where can I find photos from the race?

A link to photos will be available on our website and Facebook page following the race.

Are there any requirements or restrictions on costumes for the KAW 5K?

No. Be as creative as possible! (Avoid any kind of nudity please!)

Is there a place to put my belongings during the 5K?

Unfortunately, there will not be a place to put your belongings. Please only bring items you intend on running with.

$1 of every ticket sold goes directly to central texas food bank

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